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An exiting new investment opportunity
By State-Registered Investment Adsvisors

Fund Overview

$6.1 Trillion Dollars in unrealized gains

Investors in the stock market have done particularly well since the recession. The S&P 500 nearly tripled between 2009 and 2016. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more than 140 percent between 2009 and 2017. Investors are sitting on significant unrealized capital gains that could go a long way toward jump-starting communities. Enough incentive to attract the first investor or developer into a distressed area, which becomes a tipping point for additional investment.

Defer Capital Gains Tax

Under the program, an investor can defer capital gains tax on realized gains if the gains are invested in a qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days of the sale.

Adjusted Basis

Initially, the tax basis is deemed to be zero. However, if the Opportunity Fund investment is held for at least 5 years, the basis is increased to 10 percent of the deferred gain. Holding the investment for at least 7 years, the basis is increased to 15 percent of the deferred gain. Finally, if the Opportunity Fund investment is held past December 31, 2026, the investor will be deemed to realize the deferred capital gains as of December 31, 2026. In addition, will pay capital gains tax on the amount of recognized gains as of that date (determined as described above, with basis adjustments if applicable).

The basis is then adjusted to equal the amount of the original Opportunity Fund investment. Finally, if the investor holds the Opportunity Fund investment for at least 10 years, the basis is deemed to be the fair market value of the Opportunity Fund investment and no capital gains tax will apply to the appreciation on the Opportunity Fund investment.

The Qualified Opportunity Zone program has the potential to induce measurable investments in designated low-income communities. This is an exciting new tool for designated rural and distressed communities throughout the United States. that also provides a meaningful tax benefit to investors and another business opportunity for financial intermediaries. What role will you play in the continuing growth and development of America?

CTVZ Opportunity Zone Fund

This webinar provides information on the CTVZ Opportunity Zone Fund  (“The Fund”). The Fund is designed to capture all of the Qualified Opportunity Zone tax benefits available to investors. It is structured to provide additional tax benefits that were created in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

In this webinar, we discuss the following Opportunity Zone Fund information:

  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (“The Act”) provides for the creation of “Opportunity Zones” (“OZ”) — which are specially created geographic districts that allow investors to receive substantial tax breaks for investment capital
  • Investors must invest through newly created “Opportunity Funds” that purchase and improve real estate or businesses
  • Investors may reinvest capital gains from any existing investments into an Opportunity Fund and defer/reduce those capital gains taxes
  • After the investment is held for 5 years, the tax basis in the original investment is increased by 10%, and after 7 years, the tax basis is increased by 15%
  • After 10 years, investors permanently avoid any capital gains tax on the post-acquisition gains
  • These tax benefits include increased expensing and depreciation
  • The Fund will comply with the “Substantially Improved” requirement by investing in rental housing (apartments and single-family rentals), hospitality, office/industrial and preferred equity opportunities
  • Minimum $50,000 Investment

To request more information on investing from our Investor Relations team, visit our

Learn more about Opportunity Zone regulations here. 


You must be an accredited investor to invest in this fund. Accredited investors must have income of $200K ($300K Joint) for the last two calendar years or a net worth of $1 MM + (not including primary residence). The third party certification we accept (from CPA’s, Lawyers, Verify Investor) are certifying the same income or net worth criteria. There are other ways to be accredited,  click here  to learn more.


Summary of the Risks of the Offering

  • Investors in the CTVZ Opportunity Fund (The “Fund”) risk losing all capital invested therein and/or may not generate the returns at the levels the Company expects
  • Members may not withdraw or transfer their members shares in contravention of SEC Rule 144

Opportunity Zone Fund Risks

  • The Opportunity Zone Program is newly created, and final regulations have yet to be issued, which, when issued, may impact the Fund in unanticipated ways
  • To take advantage of certain tax benefits, regarding the exclusion of future gains, investors must hold their investments in the Fund and the Fund must maintain its status as Qualified Opportunity Fund, for 10 years
  • The Fund’s Manager intends to comply with the requirements of Section 1400Z of the Code which may adversely affect the timing or structure of exit from investments or the success of those investments.

Real Estate Risks

  • The Fund’s business is subject to all the risks associated with the real estate industry
  • Investments in real estate are speculative in nature
  • Many of the risks are not within the Fund’s control and could adversely impact the value of the Fund’s investments. These risks include, but are not limited to:
    • downturns in worldwide, national, regional and local economic conditions;
    • conditions affecting real estate in specific markets in which the Fund may invest, such as oversupply or reduction in demand for real estate;
    • changes in interest rates and availability of attractive financing;
    • changes in real estate and zoning laws;
    • environmental and/or engineering issues unforeseen in due-diligence, and changes in environmental legislation and related costs of compliance;
    • condemnation and other taking of property by the government;
    • changes in real estate taxes and any other operating expenses;
    • the potential for uninsured or underinsured property losses.

This is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy CTVZ Opportunity Zone Fund . That can only be done by our current confidential Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”). This is considered a speculative investment for accredited Investors only, who can stand to lose their entire investment. Limited liquidity. The equity interests being sold in this offering have not been approved or disapproved by the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state’s securities division. Nor has the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities department passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of the PPM or the disclosures provided therein. Securities offered by XXXXXXX..

Deadline for 2019 Opportunity Fund Contributions
A courtesy reminder that under existing IRS regulations, the deadline for reinvesting capital gains in an Opportunity Fund to qualify for capital gains tax deferral, possible reduction and other potential tax benefits is 180 days from the date of the sale or exchange.Call one of our registered Investment Advisors for a free consultation.today!
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