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Fee Structure

Fees matter. For too long, the financial services industry made a killing on bloated (and often hidden) fee structures. Today’s investor, though, is more aware of the importance of careful fee management than ever.

At CTVZ, we’ve worked tirelessly to eliminate the industry inefficiencies, and the lack of transparency, that helped create unnecessarily burdensome fee structures. To that end, here’s a frank look at the fees we do charge for all our offerings open to unaccredited investors, why they exist, and how we’re working to save you more money.

Fees with a purpose

Let’s start with the obvious: CTVZ charges investors a small administration fee for our accredited investor offerings — 2% in annual advisory fees, to be exact. This means that over a 12-month period, you will pay a $20 advisory fee for every $1,000 you’ve invested with us. For the sake of comparison, Vanguard’s famously-low advisor fee is 0.30%.1

The advisory fee exists to reimburse CTVZ for the time and money that’s invested on your behalf into building our industry-leading platform. Things like:

  • Project-level performance reporting
  • Automated dividend distribution system
  • Composite tax management
  • Customer support and investor relations,
  • Asset rebalancing and fund administration

We manage all of those things, and a lot more, in-house. Our talented team of engineers, accountants, and other specialists have literally invented new ways of doing old things that save our investors millions of dollars.

Our obsession with doing everything ourselves, rather than relying on a bloated list of third-party service providers, necessitates that we charge the annual advisory fee — but it’s also the main reason why our annual advisory fee is so low. 

Deadline for 2019 Opportunity Fund Contributions
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